Thousands of cyclone victims still shelterless

Food relief items provided through district and upazila administration, started to reach to the cyclone Mahasen affected people along the south-east coastal areas of Barisal Division.But those whose houses were destroyed by the storm yet to get any help for constructing their homes and so still have to live
either under open sky or at the houses of neighbours, relatives, shelter homes. Road and water ways communications yet to be normalized as
pantoon, gangways damaged by the storm creating problem in reaching relief items in the affected areas.
Several thousand houses thatched and half-brick houses collapsed and standing crops on a fast expanse were damaged by gusty winds and water
surges Mahasen whipped up when it crashed into the coast.
Nur E Alam, UNO Charfession upazila of Bhola said in this upazila 3,022 houses destroyed fully, 11,592 houses damaged partly. Besides 102
educational, 144 religious institutions damaged.
In agriculture sector  boro crops of 1,383 hectares worth Tk 3.5 core, chilly of 8,768 hectares worth 17.75 crore, betel leaf plantations on 191
hectares worth Tk 38 lakhs, nuts of 454 hectares worth Tk 69 lakhs, vegetables of 154 hectares worth Tk 50 lakhs damaged and 24 domestic animals, 1,865 poultry birds killed
in this upazila.
Monpura Upazila Disaster Management Committee of Bhola said primary basements  revealed that Mahasen destroyed 503 houses fully, 4,077
houses partly affecting 22, 840 families.
Seasonal crops of 4,509 hectares worth Tk 102 cores, 21 religious, 8 educational and 4 deep tube wells damaged in this
upazila, said Monpura upazila UNO Abdullahel Baki.
Although the inundation was not that severe, but a vast tract of homestead went under water in different regions and shoals
damaging huge crops in the affected areas, said
(Barisal  Correspondent)

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