Truck-driver killed in an accident

Jewell Rana (32), helper of a truck (Dhaka Metro Ta-13-0310) was killed on the spot when his truck met an accident on Khulna-Mongla Highway near at Chulkathi bus stand under Bagerhat Sadar Upazila on Friday in the early in the morning, according to a report received here.It is learnt from Badiar Rahman, a  truckdriver of another truck that the truck loaded with cement was going from Mongla Port to Rajshahi along with some other trucks and when it reached the place of occurrence one of its front wheels got fractured. As a result, the driver lost his control over its steering and it collided head on with a road side tree violently, its helper Jewell Rana was killed on the spot and driver was injured. Ill-fated Jewell Rana hailed from Rupsa Upazila in Khula district.Bagerhat Correspondent