Will neither contest polls nor seek any state post: Dr Kamal

In the wake of criticisms by ruling party leaders over his party’s alliance with BNP, Gano Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Monday said he has neither any desire to contest any election nor to get any state post.

Speaking at a press conference, he also said Jatiya Oikyafront is not any electoral alliance as it was formed to work for ensuring a free and fair election. Kamal Hossain also said Oikyafront has no relation with Jamaat and with any individual like BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman. “In any way it should be construed as support for the Jamaat or any relation with any particular leader, including Tarique Rahman.”

“I’m happy to clarify, for those who have been making virulent, baseless, and persistent personal attacks on me, that I’ve no desire to be a candidate in any election or to seek any public office. I’ll continue to work towards building a democratic, secular and pluralistic society,” he added.

Gano Forum arranged the press meet at the Jatiya Press Club.Amid the growing public concern over the next election, Kamal said they engaged in dialogues amongst parties and civil society groups so that the nation can reach a consensus to bring about necessary reforms.“I’m concerned to learn that our shared efforts to work towards a fair and free election, which could be the basis of a democratic form of governance, have been misconstrued. In responding to these public concerns several of us have engaged in national dialogues, across parties and civil society groups to suggest what reforms are necessary to ensure such conditions. These dialogues have led to the initiative of the Jatiya Oikyafront,” he said.

The Gono Forum president also said the Oikyafront will continue to work for unity of different parties and citizen groups to realise its aims.He said they are now working to mobilise public opinions on a fair and credible election through their different visits to different parts of the country. “If the election is held in a fair and credible manner it can contribute towards restoring democracy and democratic rule.”Kamal hoped that there will have no controversy over their party’s initiative to form the Oikyafront through his today’s clarification.

Replying to a question, he said mobilising public opinion is part of Oikyafront’s movement as he thinks public opinion will mount pressure on the government to concede to their demands.Asked what programmes they may take if the government does not accept their demands, Kamal said they will think about it deeply and then work out suitable programmes. He said Oikyafront may send the letter to the government on Tuesday urging it to engage in talks over the next polls before announcement of the election schedule.

As his attention was drawn to the government’s stance not to accept any unconstitutional demands like formation of the election-time neutral administration and dissolution of parliament, Kamal said such provisions were there in the Constitution, but it was amended.

Sought his comment on MP’s criticisms in Parliament about his role in politics and in the Liberation War, he said he will come up with the clarification over the issues if he deems it necessary.Replying to another question, Kamal said they formed the alliance with BNP, but they have no contact with Tarique, and they do not feel it necessary to communicate with him.

source: UNB