450 fishermen with 32 Indian trawlers taken into Paira custody

Dhaka, July 07 – At least 450 fishermen with 32 Indian fishing trawlers have been taken in safe custody by Paira Sea Port coastguard in Kalapara under Patuakhali district on Sunday afternoon. As the sea was clogged due to hostile weather, the Coast Guard members took their Paira Sea Port from the deep sea area while they catching fish by crossing Bangladeshi water borderline on Sunday noon. Later coastguard kept them in custody.
Paira Sea Port Coast Guard Contingent Commander Rezaul Karim said, ‘the names of the trawlers and fishermen are being listed, as many trawlers are said to be time-consuming, he said. The Coast Guard is also investigating whether there are any illegal items in the trawlers.’
Kalapara Assistant Commissioner (Land) Anup Kumar Das said, ‘the fishermen are inhabitants of West Bengal in India and everybody speaks Bangla.’
Kalapara Upazila Nibhra officer Munibar Rahman said that due to adverse weather conditions, they have entered into the Bangladeshi water border line due to safety.
Meanwhile, several sources of Mahipur Fish Port, said that due to the restriction of fishing in the sea, the Bangladeshi fishermen did not go to sea for catching but Indian fishermen did not stop there. Indian trawlers roam the Bangladeshi water border line in every day and netting fish. If the Bangladeshi fishermen violate the waters of India, they have to return to the country after months of jail. But for them there is no punishment for illegal infiltration in our country, they are being encouraged by the watershed violation. Besides, the International Trafficking Cycle is active in the sea, claims the need to investigate the matter. Although several major shipment of cloths and drugs were already been caught in the hands of RAB and Coast Guard. – Staff Reporter