AL urges BNP, allies to accept election result

Dhaka, Dec 31 – The ruling Awami League has called upon its arch-rival BNP and its allies to accept the result of just concluded 11th parliamentary elections on Sunday where the party (AL) secured a landslide victory. Through the Sunday’s landslide victory the Bangladesh Awami League, the oldest political party in the sub-continent, is going to form the government for the third consecutive time.
Speaking at a press conference AL joint general secretary and spokesperson for the elections yesterday made the call to its arch rival BNP and said the country’s people have given the verdict in favour of AL in the Sunday general elections. BNP should accept the peoples’ verdict. they can’t reject the verdict, he added.
The AL spokesperson evaluated the Sunday’s polls saying that though the Sunday’s polls, the people of the country gave their verdict against the communal forces supported by BNP.
He said BNP will have to face such consequences as long as they (BNP) sever ties with communal forces-Jamaat who had committed crimes against humanity during the country’s Liberation War in 1971.
The AL leader claimed that many foreign journalists and election observers oversaw the Sunday’s polls and they didn’t found any irregularities and they have already dubbed the Sunday’s general
elections as peaceful.
He also said the Sunday’s elections were held in a free, fair, credible and peaceful manner except some stray incident marked.
Meanwhile, AL general secretary Obaidul Quader asked his party leaders and activists don’t do politics of vengeance after being inspired with the landslide victory of the grand alliance in the polls.
“Politics is look like a tide and low. Sometimes it experiences tide and sometimes low. So, don’t show any vengeance and attack on the opponents after being inspired with experiencing tide with achieving
landslide victory in the 11th parliamentary election,” he said this while exchanging views with his party leaders and workers in Noahkhali yesterday.
“Don’t bring out jubilant processions rather celebrate the historic win at home. Don’t do excess as our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina does not believe in the politics of vengeance,”
“The grand alliance has achieved a huge win due to people’s upsurge against anti-liberation forces and in favour of the massive development under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh
Hasina,” he added.
He said AL will start a journey afresh towards the development of the country after taking lessons from the wrong doings of the past. – Staff Reporter