Annoyed Speaker reminds MPs about their languages

Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury on Sunday again asked the parliament members to refrain from making indecent, derogatory and defamatory remarks to ensure a healthy atmosphere in the House.“I earlier had requested you to refrain from making indecorous, impolite, derogatory and defamatory remarks. I’m reiterating the same request today,” the Speaker said in a ruling.
Shirin, the country’s first female Speaker, said she hopes the parliament members while delivering speech, participating in discussions, debates and constructive criticisms will strictly follow the section 270 of the Rules of Procedure, which bars MPs from making any remark in the House which contains “offensive, abusive, vulgar expressions”.
She also urged them to speak on relevant issues while taking part in discussion on any issue under the rules of procedure.
Mentioning that Awami League whip ASM Feroz and senior opposition MP MK Anwar suggested switching off mike of the MP who violates the section 270, Sharmin said, “I think turning off the mike is not a pleasant matter. So, I’ve decided to remind, warn if any one violates the section 270.”
After the warning, the Speaker said she hopes every body will follow the section 270, and no one will make any comment which may need to be expunged from the parliament proceedings or need to turn off the mike.
Even after that, if derogatory and indecent or un-parliamentary and disrespectable words are used, those will be expunged from the parliament proceedings.
Those remarks have already been made in the House will be examined under the section 300 and if any anything un-parliamentary is found will be excluded as per section 307.
“And as a last resort of measures, the mike will be switched off,” the Speaker cautioned the MPs.
She also sought sincere cooperation from all in ensuring an atmosphere conducive to smooth function of parliament.
Just after the Speaker’s ruling, senior BNP MP Barrister Moudud Ahmed thanked Shirin for her ruling and assured her of all-out cooperation from the opposition in this regard. (Source: UNB)

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