BNP slams govt for not responding to call for dialogue

Dhaka, Jan 12 – BNP on Saturday alleged that the ruling party is unwilling to sit in talks with opposition parties as it has no answer to defend ‘huge fake votes cast during the December-30 election’.“The ruling party leaders are bragging shamelessly over an election of massive fake votes.” Can it be called an election when 30-50 percent ballots were stuffed the night before the voting?” said BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.
Speaking at a press conference at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office, he further said, “Despite serious threats, the local and foreign media and political parties are now presenting the documents of vote rigging. No one accepted the election. So, Obaidul Quader and ruling party leaders are not willing to engage in dialogue as they have no answer to justify the grand vote robbery.”
Rizvi came up with the remarks as ruling party general secretary Obaidul Quader termed absurd Oikyafront chief Dr Kamal Hossain’s call for a dialogue on the election.
At a discussion on Thursday, Dr Kamal Hossain claimed that no sane person can hold a ‘so-called’ and ‘farcical’ election like that of the December 30, and called for a national dialogue to find ways for arranging the polls as per the constitution.
Rizvi alleged that Awami League ‘robbed people’s votes by using the police and administration.
He said the different units of law enforcement agencies are now celebrating the ‘so-called victory of Awami League though arranging grand feasts at police headquarters to police stations.
“Usually, the leaders and activists of a winning political party celebrate their victory. But Awami League leaders and activists didn’t do it this time as they could ensure their party’s victory. But police, Rab and BGB are celebrating the so-called victory of a political party which is not only ridiculous and unprecedented but also surprising.”
The BNP leader alleged that the BNP leaders and activists are being attacked and repressed at different parts of the country after the election. “Houses of opposition leaders and activists are being attacked and torched.”
He said it seems the government is trying to push the country towards a ‘civil war’ by continuously repressing BNP leaders and activists. – UNB