Call effetive dialogue to break impasse: Bnp

BNP wants an effective dialogue side by side continuing its countrywide blockade to break the present political impasse over holding an inclusive election under anon-partisan government.
“We again call upon the government to take initiative for an effective dialogue to hold a meaningful election and return power to the people,” said BNP joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed.
In a press statement issued on Friday, he called party leaders and activists to continue the blockade programme that began on January 6 until the victory of democracy is  achieved.The BNP alleged that the government turned different law enforcing agencies into “enimies of people” by posting their own people in important positions to use them in their own interests.
He demanded of the government to free BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia from her confinement at her Gulshan office immediately.
Rizvi assured that if voted to power the BNP would not be a revengeful to any opponent and the party is determined to ensure rule of law and justice.
He said the BNP does not believe in politics of vengeance.
Terming the government illegal the BNP leader said the government has reached the edge of a ditch.
He criticised the comments of BGB chief on use of fire arms and termed his warning of using fire arms, if necessary, as unprecedented, inhuman and horrific.
The BNP leader also alleged that joint forces comprising police, RAB and BGB are carrying out attacks on “innocent people”. – Staff Reporter