Dr Kamal seeks qualitative change in state craft

Underlining the importance of a participatory democracy, Jatiya Oikyafront chief Dr Kamal Hossain on Monday said there should be a qualitative change in how the state will be run.

“Our sacrifices made in the 1971 Liberation War will go in vain if the state is run like the pre-liberation era,” he said while addressing a press conference titled ‘Public Policy Initiative’ at the Jatiya Press Club in the afternoon.Mentioning that the fear of vote fraud may always be there, Dr Kamal Hossain expressed the hope that 11th parliamentary elections will be held in time.

He also urged people to stand up against any plot to snatch their voting rights. “Not only the good candidates but also the 16 crore citizens will be deprived of a better state if people’s voting right is snatched. So, you should stand up against such plot,” he said.The Oikyafront leader urged people to remain vigilant to prevent vote rigging in polling stations.

He reiterated that the country belongs to people, not to any particular party. “I believe that people are the owners of the state as per our constitution. But do those who are in power believe the same?”Dr Kamal, also Gono Forum president, also expressed his belief that the country’s people will not forget to evaluate good people.

He underscored the need for people’s unity in the forthcoming election, saying it largely depends on their unity whether they can win the election and build a model nation.Earlier, Dr Reza Kibria, son of slain finance minister and Awami League leader Shah AMS Kibria, alleged that the present government has chosen a wrong path to run the country economically.

He shared his views on how the country will run economically if the Jatiya Oikyafront comes to power. “We have no decisive political strength except people’s support. But we do have fresh ideas.”Reza put forward a set of policies, including good governance, equal opportunities for all, inclusive economic growth and reforms in the banking sector, for running the country.

He also emphasised people’s role in this regard, saying they seek their suggestions to resolve different state issues. “Everyone has the right to determine public policy. We want to hear the voices of common people as our dream is to establish participatory democracy,” he added. Gono Forum secretary Mostafa Mohsin Montu said they will field honest and eligible candidate in each constituency.

source: UNB