Egypt’s opposition to form united party

Egypt’s opposition coalition said on Sunday that it was moving towards forming a single political party to challenge Islamists, whose more disciplined ranks have dominated the ballot box since last year’s revolution.

Members of the opposition National Salvation Front, whose differences have split the non-Islamist vote, pledged to keep up the pressure on President Mohamed Mursi, including through peaceful protests.

Liberals, socialists and other factions that united under the banner of the Front campaigned unsuccessfully for a ‘no’ vote in a referendum on a new constitution which, according to an unofficial tally by Mursi’s Islamist backers on Sunday, secured 64 per cent approval on turnout of about a third of the 51 million eligible voters.

‘The Front is very cohesive and the Front is in agreement that it will lead all battles together,’ Mohamed Abul Ghar, head of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and a leading member of the Front, told a news conference after the referendum, reports The Straits Times.

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