Farmers asked to early harvest Boro paddy

Local office of Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) has issued a warning for early harvesting Boro paddy aiming to protect the leading food crop of the country from natural calamities.
The DAE are disseminating warning messages through using miking in the Bogura district as natural disasters including thunderstorms, nor’westers may damage paddy.
A total of 1,88,100 hectares of land have been brought under Boro cultivation in Bogura district in the current season, it (DAE) said adding the estimated target of Boro paddy has been fixed at 7,52,400 tonnes.
Nearly 80 percent of Boro paddy have matured in Sariakhandi, Sonatoli, Dhunat and Nandigram upazila, an official of DAE told BSS. The ripening of paddy might be affected, if floodwater enters the low-lying areas, he added, reports BSS from Bogura.