ICT whips against reporting sub-judice matter

Court Correspondent

International Crimes Tribunal-1 (ICT-1) on Sunday asked all mass media

to refrain from reporting sub-judice matter.

The 3-judge ICT-1 led by its chairman Justice ATM Fazle Kabir also

warned ATN News reporter Mashudul Haque,  a director and reporter

Sujan Halder of Bangladesh Television (BTV) as they earlier telecast

reports on sub judice matter. ICT Prosecutor (Administration)

Zead-Al-Malum told this to a group of newsmen present on the occasion.

Some people say that cases which are sub judice cannot be publicly

discussed in the media. However, the tribunal also asked the newsmen

to refrain from reporting in such a manner that either the prosecution

or the defense is harmed.

The lawyers of Jamaat Nayebe Ameer Moulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee

lodged a complain with the tribunal against the two media outlets that

when the case is under trial certain media organisations telecast

reports identifying Sayedee as a convict.

On Thursday Sayedee’s counsel Barrister Tanvir Ahmed Al Amin placed

his submission on behalf of his client, while Prosecutor Zead-Al-Malum

made submission on behalf of the prosecution.

Meanwhile, defense counsel Mizanul Islam told newsmen, “The complaint

was made against Sujan Halder and Mashudul Haque, as they reported on

their own was on a sub-judice matter and they committed the offence of

contempt of court.

It may be remembered that Prosecutor Syed Haider Ali began his

submission at 11.30 am on Sunday at the review stage of the case and

he will resume his submission on Monday.

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