Mobile courts punish offenders in Faridpur

Three mobile courts led by executive magistrates carried on drives in
the West Khabashpur area of the town.
Official said the mobile courts led by magistrates Mamun Shibly,
Mondip Ghorie and Md. Asaduzzaman fined three offenders a total of Tk
42 thousand.
The first drive mobile court fined a private hospital and diagnostic
center was Tk 20 thousand in default to suffer one-month imprisonment
for unhygienic condition in the hospital.
In the second drive the mobile court fined a medicine shop Tk 20
thousand in default to suffer fifteen days imprisonment for selling
medicines and government supplied drugs after their expiry dates.
The last drive court also fined a fast food and confectionery shop Tk
2 thousand for selling adulterate food items. -BSS, Faridpur

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