Real freedom is really far behind us!

A news item ‘nineteen people have been in disguise for two years’ has awakened us. In a press conference, parents and other family members spoke after having them back.
All claimed that those in the corridors of power are involved in the matter. We know from the newspapers that there are many more people who still remain missing. Many fake cases have been lodged against the opposition party members particularly those of the BNP.Many potential candidated of BNP stayed back from coming election of Pourasava as they foresee harassment by elements belonging to the government.
Furthermore, to remove the name of President Ziaur Rahman from the public, the people having blessings from the ruling party have been incurring huge expenses of money public money.
After election in 2014, many members from Hindu community were severely tortured across the country but they did not get any justice from the government. Judgment in a large number of sensational cases like Sagor, Runi, Tawki remain pending.
Because of the attitude and activities of the ruling the people are the seeing no benefits of liberation achieved at the cost of blood. In the last city corporation elections, people voted all the candidates of BNP and all the elected people have been removed and now AL backed people
lead the cities. It is feared that the same experience is going to be repeated in many Paurasavas across the country this time too.
People want safety, security and peace in society and lead life in freedom.
Sheuly Haque