What Khaleda wants to achieve: PM

Blasting the opposition for their violent acts, Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday wanted to know from Begum Khaleda Zia what she wants to achieve from their subversive activities. “We want to know from the opposition leader what she wants to achieve by killing people, torching and vandalizing public-private property. Her desire (to protect the war criminals) won’t be fulfilled and their trials must be held on this soil as it is an expectation of the nation and demand of the people,” she said.
The Prime Minister said this in reply to a supplementary on the Fatikchhari mayhem raised by Treasury bench member Shahiduzzaman Sarkar.
Calling upon the people to build a strong resistance against the violent acts of the opposition, she warned that stern actions would be taken against those who are involved in the destructive activities.
“It is our responsibility to ensure peace and security of the people. But the countrymen will also have to come forward to assist the law enforcement agencies to identify the culprits and resist their violent acts,” she said.
“If we get cooperation of the people, we could curb them with iron hands and ensure peace and security of the people,” Sheikh Hasina said.
The Prime Minister said BNP and Jamaat-Shibir are continuing their terrorist activities to protect the war criminals who committed crimes against humanity during the War of Libeartion.
“In the name of hartal to protect the 1971 culprits, they are continuing to kill innocent people, policemen, auto-rickshaw and bus drivers by pouring petrol and thrashing with the bricks. They are torching vehicles and rail lines and removing fishplates,” she said.
Referring to the Fatikchhari mayhem in which three Awami League and Chhhatra League leaders and workers were killed and many others injured in the barbaric attack of the Jamaat-Shibir, Sheikh Hasina said the atrocities the anti-liberation forces unleashed on broad daylight in Fatikkchhari is unimaginable.
“The Jamaat-Shibir elements killed three AL and Chhatra League leaders and workers and wounded scores others by instigating the village people through using the loudspeakers of mosques,” she said.
The Prime Minister also mentioned the Jammat-Shibir atrocities in Satkhira, Chittagong, Gaibnadha and other places of the country.
“It is a matter of regret that when a peaceful situation exists in the country and Bangladesh achieved a dignified position on the world stage, at that time, the opposition launched atrocities across the country to foil the trial of war criminals,” she said.
She said, during the period of BNP-Jamaat alliance government, she said the country was turned into a safe haven of the terrorists and militants at that time.
In this connection, she mentioned the unleashing a reign of terror by Bangla Bhai, synchronized bomb explosions at 500 places, killing of two Awami League MPs including SAMS Kibria and Ahsanullah Master and killing of judges.
She said her government has restored the image of the country by curbing militancy and terrorism with an iron hand, and started the trial of war criminals to free the country from a 42-year stigma. BSS

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