Rescue to continue till today: GOC of 9th Div

GOC of 9th Infantry Division Major General Hasan Suhrawardy Bir Bikram on Thursday said the rescue operation would be conducted till Friday as per the direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.He cane up with the disclosure while talking to journalists at a press briefing on Thursday afternoon.
The army official also observed that people can live up to 72 hours in this type of accident.
He said, “Operation will be conducted till the last alive person is rescued and all the bodies recovered.”
He further said that 50 efficient officers of Engineering Brigade of 14 Independent Division of Army have been deployed for the rescue operation from Thursday morning.
He said members of the army, dividing themselves into 20 groups, are entering into the ravages by drilling various places.
Hasan Suhrawardy added that the injured are admitted to Enam Medical College Hospital, Dhaka Medical College (DMC) Hospital, and Combined Military Hospital (CMH).
Explaining the rescue operation Hasan Suhrawardy said due to the shortage of space by the ravages of 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor, army and other rescue workers are crawling into the building to conduct the operation.
Army is not using their modern equipments to save lives of the confined into the debris, said the GOC.
He further added that highly trained up members from Army, Navy and Air force are conducting the rescue operation.

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