Joining Bnp in anti-Ershad movement was a mistake: Tofail

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed on Thursday told Parliament that it was a mistake for Awami League to join hands with BNP in the anti-Ershad movement.
“It was a mistake we together with BNP had waged a movement…Had we not done this there would have been no existence of them (BNP) now,” he said participating in an unscheduled discussion initiated by Chief Whip ASM Feroz after the Magrib-prayer recess.
Pointing at BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, Tofail said her life is full of failures.  “Khaleda Zia can engage more efforts and kill sons of more mothers, but it’ll bring no benefit for her.”Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu criticised Islamic parties for not raising their voice against BNP’s blockade during Biswa Ijtema.
He said, “I would like to ask Hefajat, Charmonai and all other Islamic parties — why did you maintain silence over the BNP’s programme that hampered Ijtema? If Awami League does the same thing, then the Islamic parties would censure us.”
Demanding Khaleda’s arrest, senior MP Suranjit Sengupta said, “It’s the demand of Parliament that Khaleda must be arrested forthwith and be ‘handed over to court’. The place of ‘criminal’ is in jail. ”
“There’s no possibility of dialogue with BNP… there‘s no example of dialogue between pro-liberation and anti-liberation forces in any country of the world,” he said.
“We should take a unanimous decision that there is no compromise with terrorism, violence and sabotage,” Suranjit said.
Chief Whip ASM Feroz said Khaleda Zia declared a war against the people of the country. “Khaleda must be brought to justice and the administration will have to take steps as per the law.”
Coming down heavily on Khaleda, senior AL MP Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim said the crisis the country is now passing through is not a political one rather it is of terrorism.
“There’s no difference between Al-Qaeda-Taliban and Khaleda Zia….if you don’t stop the violence, people will drag you out of the house (her Gulshan office) and try you in broad daylight,” he warned.
Jatiya Party secretary general Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu termed BNP’s movement ‘sniper attacks’ and said, “It cannot be a political movement. These are sniper attacks.”
Stressing the need for change of political culture, Bablu said the government will be held responsible in history if it fails to ensure the security of lives and property of people curbing the violence.
Independent MP Haji Md Selim placed a proposal in the House that one month’s salary and allowance of MPs should be donated to violence victims for meeting their medial treatment costs. Later, Amir Hossain Amu supported the proposal.
Abdul Matin Khasru urged the media men not to publish the news of hartal and blockade programmes of BNP.
“If the media doesn’t publish the news of hartal and blockade, hartal will stop tomorrow. Media should be responsible. It’s personal opinion that media men should not publish the news of hartal of BNP.” Jahangir Kabir Nanak Kazi Firoz Rashid also joined the discussion. – UNB