Substandard Clinics, pathological labs fill Syhet

Private clinics and pathological laboratories in Sylhet district have
been rendering sub-standard health service to patients. The number of
such clinics and path labs is increasing day by day though the
standard of service is decreasing, alleged the local people and the
They said the clinics, most of them run by the doctors working in
different government hospitals, are not following law and rules. These
are not following the standard of providing one doctor, three nurse
and 80 square feet of space for every ten beds they added.
Besides, there is shortage of necessary equipment and lack of hygienic
conditions in the clinics, said the patients.
The clinics charge abnormally high fee from the poor patients from the
remote village. Local people have also alleged that doctors of
government hospitals, usually discourage the patients to stay in the
hospital and refer them to the private clinics and pathological
laboratories are also doing business charging high rate for various
Local people have urged the authorities to take necessary steps and
mitigate their sufferings.
(Our Correspondent)

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