Talkshows being monitored, PM tells Parliament

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said in Parliament that the government is monitoring the talk shows in different television channels to detect who are instigating destructive activities in the country.
“We’re monitoring the TV talk shows; the government will take appropriate action against those who are instigating the destructive activities,” she said, in reply to a question from independent MP Haji Mohammad Salim during the PM’s question-answer session.Welcoming criticisms of the government if it commits any wrong, Hasina said but they do not have any right to instigate those who are killing people. “If they do so, they’re also guilty. They’ll have to take the responsibility of such killings.”
Strongly criticising Dr Kamal Hossain and Mahmudur Rahman Manna, the Prime Minister said that when they went to the office of Khaleda Zia after the death of Arafat Rahman Koko, we thought they would request her to withdraw the blockade and hartals for the sake of SSC examinees and people of the country. “But, we did not see anything like this from them.”
Also criticising them for not going to the hospital to inquire about the wellbeing of the victims of petrol bomb attacks, she asked: “Did they help the victims?”
Alleging that a vested quarter is hatching conspiracy to go to power through undemocratic means, Hasina said they had said that something might happen if destructive activities continue for some more days. “What will happen? Who will put them in the chair?
She said: “They’re sitting on the sideline to go to power as Khaleda Zia will continue her killings and something will happen then… they wanted to be in power stepping on the corpses.”
“Their desire will never be fulfilled, I can say this with certainty,” the Prime Minister said. “The country is now running as per the democratic norms and will continue so in the future,” she said